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Our final assignment for Monotype was to create a portfolio of images based on one theme. It wasn’t hard to pick what theme I wanted to do.

What was hard, however, was choosing what prints I wanted to make. I had so many ideas!! I decided to focus mainly on the face/portraiture.  What features make each player’s face unique? Is it Ovie’s smile? Neuvy’s eyes? Erskine’s handlebar moustache? We’re so obsessed with tracking goals and points that sometimes we lose track of the player’s expressions and what they physically look like under the helmet.

Originally the ‘folio was going to have 9 prints, but I had to cut two out for total of 7 because of time lost due to the power outage/Halloween snowstorm. :(

I put my heart and soul into these prints, and I’m so happy with how each one came out. Definitely a labour of love.

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    Dear Capskat26, you should feel good about yourself and how awesome these are (I especially like the Erskine fight one)
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    These are incredible!
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    Makes me happy to see this in my printmaking tag :)
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    This is awesomeee!!
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  18. shurloch said: Amazing work. I’m pretty much in love with all of these. MAN, I’m always so blown away by your talent! If some are still available for purchase after the holidays, I’m interested :P Are all of them 16x19?
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